Hot water bag information

Information about the Easy2Warm rechargeable electric hot water bag

The handy Easy2Warm rechargeable electric hot water bag is made from a very strong and supple material, consisting of a sturdy, waterproof and heat resistant inner jacket and a soft-touch outer shell.

These are so strong together that an adult person of 100 kg can stand on the jug without the bag bursting.

However, we do not recommend trying it yourself because the pressure of your weight will irreparably damage the heating system and the thermostat!

Colors and sleeves.

The Easy2Warm rechargeable electric hot water bags come in 5 different fashionable colors:

• Pink
• Light Blue (unfortunately sold out)
• Bambi Brown with Dots
• Black model with White Hearts and White Letters Love (unfortunately sold out)

By default you will receive a so-called protective cover in the main color of the jar at the Easy2Warm water bag.
So a Pink Cover at the Pink water bag, a light Blue cover at the Blue water bag, a Brown cover at the Bambi Brown water bag with Polka Dots and a Black cover at the Black Jug with white hearts and love.

The optional soft flannel hand warmer available as an extra accessory has the same main color as the included protective cover, unfortunately the pink hand warmer is sold out already.

All Easy2Warm rechargeable electric hot water bags will stay warm for many hours and by means of the included Adapter (Charger) you heat your water bag in just 10 minutes to a temperature of about 70 ° Celsius.

No more refilling or emptying
And also unlike the normal common metal jars, the Easy2Warm electric hot water bags are wonderfully soft and supple, plus easy to use, because the Easy2Warm water bags are already filled and never need to be emptied again.

This also excludes the risk of accidentally (boiling) hot water spillage. Except that you never have to fill with water (boiling), the Easy2Warm water bag itself will never become too hot, because in the water bag there is not only a heating system but also a thermostat and a thermal protection that control the temperature.

The thermostat is set to 70 ° Celsius and ensures that the temperature of the water bag does not exceed 70 ° Celsius.
During heating, a red LED light indicates that the water bag is warming up and when the temperature reaches 70 ° Celsius the red LED light goes out automatically. After that you can use the jar wirelessly.

Unlike the traditional metal and rubber jars plus the so-called pitted cushions, the Easy2Warm water bags remain pleasantly warm throughout a period of no less than 2 to 5 hours. The difference between 2 and 5 hours has to do with the ambient temperature in which the pitcher is located. 

You will understand that a pitcher cools outside more quickly than, for example, in your living room, and that a hot water bag under the protection of your blankets in bed continues to give off its heat for the longest time.
Nor are unpleasant odors released.

Thermal Security

In addition to the thermostat, the Easy2Warm water bags also has a so-called thermal protection. This thermal protection in turn ensures that if the temperature of the Easy2Warm water bags nevertheless rises above 70 ° Celsius, the power supply is immediately shut off.

After this the jar is no longer heated.

But that's not all

The Adapter with which you charge the Easy2Warm Jug has a security system patented by the manufacturer. This extra safety system ensures that, in spite of all the aforementioned safety systems, the limited maximum temperature still increases further, so that the power supply is then immediately disconnected, a three double protection!

Wonderfully soft finish

The outside of the water bag is covered with a lovely soft feeling polyester flannel that contributes to a wonderfully warm and comfortable feeling during use.

Except that the water bag on the outside is covered with soft flannel, there is also an extra polyester soft flannel protective cover included in the main color of the jug. This Protective Cover is washable and can easily be pulled over your water bag through a recessed opening, for example if you want to use the water bag on your bare feet or if you want to put the water bag on your bare skin so that you can reduce the heat a little. We recommend that you always put the Protective Cover around the water bag when using the water bag on your bare skin.

The opening can be closed using Velcro and the same way you can remove the protective cover.

Extra accessory.

For people who always suffer from cold, stiff, or painful fingers and hands, a handy soft flannel hand warmer is available as an extra accessory. With this tool you can warm and smooth your fingers and hands in a few minutes and combat your pain.

(Menstrual) Abdominal pain

With (menstrual) abdominal pain, the Hand Warmer is also ideal to help you keep your hot water bag on your stomach without much effort.

Because by putting both your hands in the Hand Warmer, you no longer have to hold your hot water bag with your fingers, but your hands will "carry" your hot water bag very relaxed on your stomach.

Also suitable for your baby

You can also use the Easy2Warm rechargeable electric hot water bag to preheat your baby's crib, crib or pram and even your Baby under very strict conditions!
By heating we mean the hot water bag in your baby's crib or pram and your Baby out!

It is very important that you never experiment with heating your Baby and only heat your Baby yourself on advice from your Doctor , or Maternity nurse!

Only then you can safely use the Easy2Warm water bag for your Baby, but that applies not only to the Easy2Warm water bag but to all Jars of any brand and of any kind in circulation!


Heat has been a good remedy for all sorts of pain, tension and stiffness throughout the ages!
As a result, the Easy2Warm rechargeable electric hot water bag can have a positive effect on pain complaints.
In addition, the heat improves your blood circulation.

How many people do not take all kinds of (harmful) painkillers or muscle relaxants every day?

Often painkillers only help against pain and, moreover, muscle relaxants can eventually even be harmful to your health.


Also a visit to the physiotherapist can unfortunately not take place every day.

The Easy2Warm hot water bag is ready for you whenever you want and due to its rapid warming and long heat dissipation, our hot water bag can be a good addition to your visit to the physiotherapist or to relieve pain such as:

  • Menstruation pain
  • Abdominal pain
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Rheumatic pain
  • Arthritis
  • Headache

Tense Shoulders or Neck

Headache is often caused by a tense neck or shoulders. The outside from the Easy2Warm rechargeable electric hot water bag is made from a soft flannel material, flexible and wireless, and it will be very nice after a day of hard working. Because you can put the hot water bag on your shoulders, against your neck or against your back while you watching television or reading a good book. You will find this very relaxed and that your symptoms are reduced or even over.

Cold Hands or Feet

The Easy2Warm rechargeable electric hot water bag is also delicious against cold hands and feet. You simply can place the hot water bag on the couch with your two feet on it. 


The Easy2Warm rechargeable electric hot water bag is also easy to take with you on your holidays, even to the campsite or in your caravan or camper!

If you do not have the opportunity to warm up the pitcher at the campsite itself, there is a possibility at every campsite to charge your hot water bag for 10 minutes into a electric power point.
Then on a rainy day, you can also enjoy your Easy2Warm hot water bag in your tent, caravan or camper!

And what did you think about your work?

If you suffer from your muscles, your neck or your monthly cycle, you can easily use it at work, even on your chair at your desk!


Even if you are forced to use a wheelchair for health reasons, indoors and outdoors, you can benefit from the wireless long time heat emitted Easy2Warm rechargeable electric hot water bag.
Because after charging at home 
your hands, feet or other parts of the body are heated easily!

And by using our special soft feeling flannel Hand Warmer, your hands and fingers are already warm after a few minutes and in many cases gloves are no longer necessary.

Sports fields

The Easy2Warm rechargeable electric hot water bags also easily be taken to the football field, hockey field, at sport fishing, and so on.

Standing along the line, watching to your sporting children, sitting on a cold wooden seat to watch a game, or during sport fishing, it can be uncomfortably cold in winter time.

If you first load the Easy2Warm hot water bag before you leave home, then pull the soft feeling flannel Hand Warmer over it and then wrap the hot water bag again in a towel, then the hot water bag will retain its heat for longer. And when you have arrived at your destination and get the hot water bag out of the hand towel again, you will not have to worry about cold hands or a cold feeling in the stands or on the water while fishing.

CE, EMC and RoHS Certified

All Easy2Warm rechargeable electric hot water bags are European certified and thus produced in accordance with the requirements concerning CE marking, the Low Voltage Directive 2014/35 / EU, the EMC Directive 2014/30 / EU and RoHS.
The Jug voltage is 220-240V, the Nominal Input power is only 380W and the nominal Frequency is 50Hzx.

With the Easy2Warm rechargeable electric hot water bag you will therefore receive a fine Jug for the whole family!