Extra Hand Warmer - Grey/Blue

Extra Hand Warmer - Grey/Blue

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  • This Grey/Blue Hand Warmer is avaible as an extra accessory for our Easy2Warm Rechargeable Electric Hot Water Bag
  • The lovely soft feeling Flannel Hand Warmer has openings on both sides to put your hands in
  • Also provided with an extra opening to put your Electric Hot Water Bag into the Hand Warmer
  • By using the Hand Warmer your jug will also stay warm for an extra long time
  • Ideal for quickly heating and regaining you cold, stiff or painful fingers and hands
  • Also suitable for keeping your jug against your stomach in case of (menstrual) abdominal pain
  • The Hand Warmer is washable at 40 degrees Celsius
  • The dimensions from the Hand Warmer are: Lenght 27,5 cm x Width 19 cm

Many customers order for just € 4,95 this Grey/Blue Hand Warmer immediately through the Special Discount Package  

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