Rechargeable Electric Hot Water Bag - Light Grey

Rechargeable Electric Hot Water Bag - Light Grey

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  • The Easy2Warm Rechargeable Electric Hot Water Bag is a very strong water bag filled with clear water
  • The exterior of the Easy2Warm water bag is covered with a very soft feeling flannel
  • Using the supplied adapter (charger) you can heat up the water in just 10 minutes
  • The water bag passes after charging a heat around 70 degrees Celsius and after charging you can use the water bag wirelessly
  • Depending on the ambient the water bag remains on average 2 to 5 hours
  • Unlike the conventional jugs, the Easy2Warm rechargeable hot water bag has never to be filled or emptied again
  • This means no more messing with too hot water (safety) and your electric hot water bag is always ready to use
  • The water bag is inclusive a soft feeling flannel protection cover in the main colour of the water bag
  • As an additional accessory there also is an soft feeling flannel Hand Warmer available
  • The dimensions of the water bag: Length 26,5 cm x Width 17 cm x Height including water around 4 cm

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